Tijuana Spring Breakthrough

February 28 - March 5, 2020

Join with other USD students and share meals, conversations, and fun with different communities in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. 

一道本不卡免费高清Throughout the week we will spend time and build relationships with many people throughout Tijuana, especially community members within one of the poorest and fastest growing neighborhoods in Tijuana, residents of a home for people living with HIV/AIDS, guests at a migrant shelter, factory workers and community organizers.  We will spend time listening and learning from them about the complexities of systems and realities affecting our border region. 

Our week will be framed by the four values of spirituality, simplicity, social justice and solidarity.  During TJSB, they are experienced through living simply, daily group and individual prayer and reflection, meaningful conversations about justice and social systems, and increased commitment to coming to a fuller understanding of our shared humanity.

  • How do I apply?
  • What are the four values?
  • Do I need to speak Spanish?
  • How much does TJSB cost and what does it include?
  • Is financial aid available?
  • What do I need to bring?
  • How do I get more information?